The Prudish Bride: Contracted To Her Nemesis The Prudish Bride: Contracted To Her Nemesis

The Prudish Bride: Contracted To Her Nemesis

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Edna Bruce
"I need you to get the hell out of my presence!" Lorena screamed, her whole body trembling with rage.Makris chuckled. "You swear you hate me, Lorena, but your eyes tell a different tale. Your body responds to my presence with the promise of the most sinful pleasures of life. I know you loved him once, Emerald, but he's your past. I, my dear, am your future." ~~~~~~~ The glamorous Lorena Cicero is a tempting heiress from the most delicate home in Rome. If Rome has a royal family, it is the Cicero's. She has the face of an angel but the brains of a demon. The previous year, her elder sister Verona Cicero was f****d into an arranged marriage to the duke by their absurd father. This year, it is Lorena's turn to be f****d Into an arranged marriage, willed with a contract to the heir of the most powerful Greek businessman from a prestigious lineage, Makris Adriano Andino. All hell breaks loose when the arrogant Greek billionaire discovers she's the woman who catnapped him a few weeks back. He vows to put the sharp-witted beauty in her place, while Lorena plans to defy her father if it means being stuck in a loveless marriage. A whirlwind of love, betrayal, power, l**t, and drama tests the relationship between these two powerful dynasties, leaving casualties behind. More
Epilogue: The CherryHoney
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