The Wolf Spirit The Wolf Spirit

The Wolf Spirit

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#Stary Writing AcademyIV “…I will have to take what I want…” he touched her chest, “…by force,” A gasp left her throat as his finger came against her bare skin, setting it alight as it went. The corner of his lips twitched and then curled up into a smirk that was offensively smug. “But something tells me...” then his finger left her chest and went back to her lips, the rest cupping her face and bringing her closer to him. “…that won’t be a problem,” he whispered against her lips. Anna is born with a gift that she considers a burden. A gift coveted by many and destined to end her if owned by one. Anna is abandoned by her family in the long run and left to suffer traumatizing torture for four years. Then he finds her... He is the strongest Alpha she'd ever come across and she knew he would be the one destined to own and end her, but fate had other plans. Alpha Kane is her fated mate and he wants nothing to do with her. A woman broken by experience and an Alpha hungry for power. How long can they fight the inevitable bond between them? In the end, all walls must crumble... More
Chapter One Hundred And Fifty Seven
2023-09-03 23:39