Billionaire's First Love Billionaire's First Love

Billionaire's First Love

| Ongoing
Cecilia Kim
Katy and Alan were a pretty popular couple in their high school. Katy is beautiful and gentle. Alan studied very well. However, love is opposed by Alan's mother. Because Alan has a fiancée. Donna is the daughter of Alan's business partner. Alan's mother tries to stop Alan and Katy's love. Alan's mother put on a show, luring Katy to come. She gave her medicine and lay in bed with the two men. Alan sees and misunderstands her. Then Alan's mother transferred Katy a large amount of money and told Alan that Katy negotiated the money for her to leave him. Katy went to Alan to explain and saw Alan kissing Donna at the birthday party. She is heartbroken and breaks up with Alan. Katy doesn't know, this is just a fun game at the birthday party of Alan and friends. After the two broke up, a big event happened to Katy. Katy goes to city X, never seeing Alan again. Years later the two meet again, in two different positions, under two different circumstances, but with one thing in common, Alan's fiancee sneaks around with Katy's fiance, betraying both. And the remarkable thing is Alan's hostile attitude towards Katy. Originally thought it was just a random reunion, then they would never meet again, but God had other arrangements. Katy's company fell into crisis to transfer to someone else, ironically the new director is Alan. Reluctantly both have to work together, Alan hates Katy, she left him for money. At work, it always makes it difficult for her, not giving her peace and freedom. But Alan did not let Katy quit her job, threatened Katy to stay by his side, accepting to let him torture her. During the time of working together, the two's feelings gradually improved. But in the quiet time, a series of old secrets were accidentally revealed. Including the reason why Katy left, that secret is extremely serious leading to a great misunderstanding between Alan and Katy, the relationship that has just flourished is in danger of ruining again. Not to mention, Katy has to suffer from the bad games that Alan's fiancée causes, to separate her and him. However, in the end, after trials and tribulations, going through storms together, the two reached a happy shore. More
Chapter 166 The end
2022-09-20 11:20