Her Deepest Secret Her Deepest Secret

Her Deepest Secret

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Collyne Keigh Fuentabella, a nerdy, childish and slow minded girl who has multiple secrets. Despite of having a gentle face, a secret is being hidden. A secret that hides her true identity. She only wants to finish her study peacefully but she ends up falling in love with Calyx Kyle Dela Vega. The Gang Leader of Dark phoenix gang. The Rank 1 of District 1. Calyx despises Blue Empress that happens to be her. She hides her true identity because she's afraid. She's afraid that what will happen to her if Calyx will learn to know the truth. A love story bounded by a secret. "Will you still love me when you find out who really I am?" - Collyne Keigh Fuentabella More
Chapter 52 Epilogue
2022-12-05 21:24