Moan, Ava! Moan, Ava!

Moan, Ava!

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Dil Diana
Mature Content/Story (18+) I'm Ava Addams, A maid to a brothel owner, Madam Nada. I was fifteen when Madam Nada picked me from the streets to be her maid, since I'm homeless, an orphan and jobless... I was nineteen when I lost my virginity to Madam Nada's boyfriend without her knowing. Somehow I loved the feeling despite it being the first time having sex. From a maid, I became a prostitute stripper. It went on till the day he came asking Madam Nada for Ava and that's me... WHO IS HE ???? More
Chapter 52 Dinner of Sexual Pleasures
2023-09-23 14:19